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Greek Art #1 —— HERMES OF PRAXITELES (340-330 BC.) 《赫耳墨斯和小酒神》(公元前340-330年)

HERMES OF PRAXITELES (340-330 BC.), Olympia Archaeological Museum 《赫耳墨斯和小酒神》(公元前340-330年),奥林匹亚考古博物馆 Parian marble. Height 2.13m. The calves and the left foot are restored with plaster. 材质:帕罗斯岛大理石;高度:213厘米;雕塑的小腿和左脚用石膏复原。 Found during excavations at the temple of Hera in 1877.  The messenger of the gods, charged by Zeus to take the infant Dionysos to the Nymphs, who were to nurse him,…

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