Greek Art #1 —— HERMES OF PRAXITELES (340-330 BC.) 《赫耳墨斯和小酒神》(公元前340-330年)

HERMES OF PRAXITELES (340-330 BC.), Olympia Archaeological Museum


Parian marble. Height 2.13m. The calves and the left foot are restored with plaster.


Found during excavations at the temple of Hera in 1877.  The messenger of the gods, charged by Zeus to take the infant Dionysos to the Nymphs, who were to nurse him, rests on the way having thrown his cloak over a tree trunk. In his raised right arm, he was probably holding a bunch of grapes,  a symbol associated with the future god of wine. Dionysos reaches out for it. The sculptor brought out the beauty of the figure by expressing the Olympian serenity of the god’s face and the harmony of his body. The highly polished surface adds to the graceful and soft characteristics of the art of Praxiteles.

有幸,在希腊奥林匹亚考古博物馆看到了这尊由希腊古典后期著名雕塑家普拉克西特列斯 (Praxiteles) 最著名的代表作《赫耳墨斯和小酒神》。雕塑于1877年奥林匹亚的赫拉神庙遗址中被发现。目前收藏在奥林匹亚考古博物馆中。

先介绍一下人物,这位身材完美的男神(真的是神)名叫赫耳墨斯(希腊语:Ἑρμῆς、英语:Hermes),是古希腊神话中商业、旅者、小偷和畜牧之神,也是众神的使者。他手中的小婴儿就是“小酒神”幼年的狄俄尼索斯(希腊语:Διόνυσος、英语:Dionysus)。作为众神的使者,赫耳墨斯奉宙斯的命令,把小酒神送到宁芙(希腊语: νύμφη、英语:Nymphs)那里,而雕塑就是描绘了他们在半路上休息时候的场景。赫耳墨斯把自己的斗篷挂在树干上,小酒神就抱在他的左手,【以下文字请打开脑洞,因为全靠想象。】赫耳墨斯的右手高高举起一串葡萄,逗弄小酒神,而小酒神也一手抓住赫尔墨斯,一手想去抓甜美的葡萄,这是对狄俄尼索斯将来成为葡萄酒之神的一种象征。

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