Huge Teddy Bear Valued Millions Dollars



Are you a teddy bear enthusiast? Then you can’t miss this giant teddy bear sculpture at Doha International Airport. The yellow teddy bear, created by Urs Fischer, was named “The World’s worst public art” by Atlantic, originally located outside the Seagram mansion in New York’s Park Avenue. However, it caught many eyeballs because of its strange shape and bright colour. It is said that the Qatari royals spent 6.8 million of dollars to bid this giant sculpture from Christie’s and placed it at the centre of the new Hamad International Airport.
Hamad International Airport is the base of Qatar Airlines. There is a more reasonable layout design than another famous international airport DXB. Moreover, the giant teddy bear has become a new landmark now. No matter which direction will you back and forth, you have to pass by this teddy bear, admiring its forehead caught in the lamp. The sculpture is made of bronze, but it still seems to have the soft touch. Maybe that is why it costs 6.8 million dollars. There are many magnificent details in this airport, such as the rail train running over your head. And you may just swipe your card to buy a luxury car instantly here. If you have a longer transit time, Doha also has a better rest area than Dubai for free. Although Dubai also has the free recliners scattering in the public space, you have to pay for a relatively independent and comfortable space to have a rest. However, in Doha, there are several gender-specific free lounges, equipped with a lot of wide and comfortable recliners. You can lie down to sleep without any obstacles.

Tax Free Store

Free Resting Area

Internal Design

Location: Hamad International Airport DOH
Camera: RX100

!steemitworldmap 25.273056 lat 51.608056 long DOH D3SCR

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